Two Day Mountain Biking Chiangmai Tour

Cycle-touring out of Chiang Mai to Chiang Dao

There is no much better way to obtain a true cultural adventure of a destination instead of on a bicycle excursion.

Biking from Chiang Mai to Chiang Dao, Northern Thailand and rear having its twisted topography, untouched woods, and conventional hill-side tribal villages would be your ultimate offroad bike excursion adventure.

Off-the-beaten-path bike trails permit simple biking, therefore, you can genuinely love all of it. Although biking is more painless, you really do desire to own any biking proficiency since that you do not wish to be more learning just how to bicycle earlier this bike excursion.

After having a very great morning meal and also speedy pickup from the Chiangmai hotel, all the members of this bike tour is going to be introduced into demanding and well-looked after hill bicycles. Check out great deals on Chiang Mai tour by getting ข้อมูลท่องเที่ยว via Chiangmai Global Tour.

our biking equipment such as helmets, bike shorts, and shoes will probably be comfy because they are going to soon be yours the people who you purchased or pulled out along with you personally for the Chiangmai biking excursion!

A burst for all of the senses with exotic scenery, prejudiced experiences and a blend of organic aromas, this two Day Mountain Bike Adventure extracts you away from the recognizable normality and places you squarely at a rural position, an era away from them.

Previous customers have remarked it really is similar to being about the picture set of a wonderful picture in which dream characters and blossoms swing into the tropical rhythm using brightly colored butterflies fluttering and flitting against a vibrant spectacle.

Chiang Dao Elephants
Distant, grand and crazy, Chiang Dao hosts Thailand's primary elephant camp at a spot where in olden days dinosaurs worked in logging camps.

While logging continues to be repainted, tourism reflects a true salvation for Asian Elephants along with also the Chiang Dao Elephant Camp makes you up close and personal with these gentle giants in their natural environment.

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