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Although Ali Express is the favourite source for Shopify entrepreneurs, WorldwideBrands offers many features that the popular Chinese marketplace does not - namely certified wholesalers, fast delivery and US based drop shippers.  So why is Worldwide Brands not more popular with Shopify store owners?

Ali Express is popular with Shopify store owners because it’s free, has a huge range of cheap products and allows users to integrate their Shopify stores directly with the Ali Express site - meaning you can import products, manage inventory and prices, and even fulfil and track drop shipped orders right to your customer’s door with the help of a free app called Oberlo.

There are some disadvantages too though - not all of the suppliers are good and delivery is very slow, which leads to many angry customers.

Worldwide Brands solves these issues - all their suppliers are certified and most are based in the United States, which means that they are trustworthy and ship quickly.

The problem - and the reason Worldwide Brands is not more popular - is that it’s expensive to join and not easy to use at all.  Membership to Worldwide Brands costs nearly $300 and although you can search through over 16 million products, when you want to buy something you need to contact each supplier directly - and offline.

So while Worldwide Brands is great source of products, the slowness and cost make it less popular than Ali Express.

Why don't more Worldwide Brands reviews have an FAQ section?  I've noticed this a lot so I'm going to write one myself with some of the most common questions I get asked about this directory of suppliers.

Does World Wide Brands list drop shippers of just wholesalers?

WWB lists both - there are about 8,000+ suppliers in the WWB directory and there is a roughly even split betwen drop shippers and larger scale wholesalers.

What's the cost of joining WWB?

The basic membership costs $299, but this is a one off payment and there are no annual or monthly subscriptions to keep up with.  There are some extras as well, but they are optional.  On occasion there are discounts - there is a regular $30 off coupon on some sites and on popular sale events as much as $50 off the regular price.

How big is the WWB database?

Worldwide Brands lists about 8,000 suppliers and from these around 16 million products - more than their two main competitors (Doba and Salehoo) combined.  It's by far the largest directory of wholesale products online.

Are the wholesalers safe to buy from?

Yes, the editor of the Worldwide Brands directory researches every new supplier - even making anonymous test orders and visiting their warehouses to check they are legitimate and reliable.  WWB is the only directory to actually guarantee that all suppliers are reliable.