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Cebu has more than a lot to showcase as to its tourism is concerned. Its landforms stand tall and marvelous while Cebu’s marine ecosystem is perfect for free divers and recreational scuba hobbyist. Osmeña peak to Kawasan falls is another tourist attraction created by the locals for their non-local and foreign guests’ satisfaction. Over time, they continue to create more activities and renovate non-destructively the tourist spots that they safe-guarded. Other than that, it is their priority as well to ensure their guests’ safety and interest in the place that is listed in their itinerary.

The trail will require physique and stamina of an individual to finish more than hour trek from the peak to Kawasan falls. Guests who are in to extreme sports or perhaps an outdoors enthusiast will definitely enjoy the activity since it will bring them closer to nature and the peak’s surroundings. Osmena peak is 1,000 meters high above sea-level which gives them a perfect view of Cebu’s south-side. Other extreme activities such as cliff jumping, sliding, diving and the giant-tree-swing-jump are perfectly doable in Kawasan falls that is with the consent and supervision of the local tourist guide working hand in hand with them. The place is picture-perfect too, with its cold blue water and resounding tune of the water falling down.

There are a lot of adventure seeking tourists compared to typical tourists that are more in to historical tours and such. Travelers and or foreign visitors of a place for a vacation completely evolves and same goes with the place of visit – answering all the needs and expectations of a foreign or non-local tourist. Although there have been much change in the system and place, incorporation of activities relevant to the area are well thought of by the locals so as not to compromise the natural beauty of the place, still maintaining how it was before.

kawasan falls to osmeña peak tour and or activity is one well- known attraction wherein booking after booking are pretty much evident on a daily basis. Tourists staying and wanted to experience the tour will definitely experience a long trek from point A to point B getting a closer feel of Mother Nature at its best in the rural of Cebu. For a more convenient way, traveling by 2 wheels or locals call it habal-habal is another option. Depending on their liking or mood on what they wanted to happen during their tour, they all have the options or alternatives available to enjoy their getaway. Local tour guides on the same page are readily available to keep them on track while enjoying their stay in the place.