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If you are the one who is a food connoisseur and loves to experiment eating different cuisines, chances are that you will have already tasted Thai food. Why not? Thai food is very popular among the international cuisines and is available in every country.

So what makes Thai food so popular?

Healthy and wholesome food: You might have heard that healthy food is not tasty and tasty food is not healthy. That is not the case here with Thai food. Thai food is fully nutritious and tasteful at the same time.

Rich assortment: Thai food comprises of meat, vegetables, herbs and spices, paste and sauces and rice or noodles. A typical Thai meal consists of rice or noodles as the main dish and the others are served as accompaniments.

Courtesy - zedomax

Harmony of taste: It is a unique combination of sweet and spicy. The aroma of fresh herbs mixed in the right quantity lingers on in your memory forever. The essential harmonious combination of all the ingredients in right proportions brings out the perfect taste to each dish.

Medley of flavors: Thai food has a lot of variety that one never gets bored of eating it. It has flavors to tickle every single taste bud. And if you love spicy food then Thai food is the meal that you have got to try atleast once.

So what are you waiting for, go and have a good Thai meal in one of the finest Melbourne Thai restaurants in CBD area and experience the richness of it.