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Investment Outlay

First and foremost, the major limitation while buying a property is the investment outlay i.e. budget for purchase. In cities like Sydney, property prices have risen up manifolds over the passage of time. As a consequence, investing in properties has become a luxury of the rich. With strata title ownership, now middle class has the liberty to purchase in fragment to the extent they can afford. This results in individual progress of a person.

Number of properties i.e. increased size of portfolio

By investing in a single property, you have to rely on the fate of one single asset. Strata title allows you to allocate your funds in various different properties without increasing the cost. This ensures a heterogeneous portfolio consisting of a number of assets with each strata bearing different rate of return. Consequent risk is lowered and rewards are increased.

Resolution of disputes

Owing to lack of funds some people resort to joint holding of an individual property. This results in major disputes relating to legal share of each joint owner, usage and the allotment of portion of property. Moreover, there is no clear law governing disputes relating to joint ownership. Strata title ownership has this convenience of a separate law to resolve such disputes. Strata Agents Sydney undertake responsibility to resolve any dispute relating to commonly owned property and individual strata are already alloted systematically.

Autonomy in dealing with Strata

Strata holding gives user a sense of autonomy in dealing with the his very own share of property as against joint ownership. No one can challenge the ownership and utilisation of strata owned by a person as far as he is complying with relevant laws. Joint ownership limits the rights of a person in dealing with the property. 

Low maintenance

Maintaining a small share of property is easier as compared to an individual lot. Moreover, the onus of managing common property lies with property managers at a nominal fee.