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How Unified Threat Management Can be Helpful in Stopping Ransomware Attacks

Nowadays businesses face various IT security risks and one such risk that is becoming very common is known as ransomware. Unified threat management can prove to be very effective in protecting your business against such security threats. Let us look steps IT security experts take to block ransomware attacks.

Unified Threat Management to Stop Ransomware Attacks

unified threat managementRansomware attacks are becoming sophisticated with every passing day and security providers make use of detection strategy as well as prevention mechanism for protecting information systems from the problem of ransomware. 
Since ransomware is one type of stage-by-stage attack, IT solution providers take specific steps to prevent these attacks.

Prevent Entry of Ransomware into Network System

  • Prevent Phishing Tactics: IT service providers explain the details of how phishing works to employees in a company so that they can prevent themselves from opening attractive looking emails.
  • Use Web Filtering: IT security experts also install web and spam filtering software so as to monitor as well as prevent spam attachments and content from reaching the inbox of your employees.
  • Carry Out Application Patching: As part of unified threat management, IT security providers also apply required patches to all the applications as well as upgrade the OS to block vulnerabilities that can be used by ransomware.
  • Implement Whitelisting: Security experts also take needed steps to whitelist all necessary processes. Moreover, they program the system in such a way that processes which have not been whitelisted will not be able to run.
  • Restrict Privileges: IT solution providers implement a system which would be able to effectively trace unknown processes so that it becomes easier to quarantine or restrict them.

Block the Spread of Ransomware

Blocking spread of ransomware is an integral part of unified threat management action plan. Let us look at few of the steps IT solution providers take in this regard.
  • Restrict Access: IT security firms implement measures for restricting access to files on the basis of an individual's role as well as according to files they are required to use. Steps are also taken for proper monitoring and preventing changes in files by any process.
  • Sandboxing: Security experts make sure that any suspicious file or program is quarantined within the sandbox environment so that further scrutiny can be performed as required.
  • Block Advanced Threats: IT experts also stay updated about advanced threats arising every day and take necessary steps for countering them.

Prevent Communication

Experts implement measures so that ransomware cannot communicate with its masters situated on compromised websites or external servers. Few of the other steps which are taken include:
  • Installation of a firewall for blocking programs or domains that show malicious intent.
  • Use gateway signatures and proxies which prove effective in scanning control servers known for promoting ransomware.
  • Carry out blocking of internet communication systems (anonymous ones like Tor) which can be utilized by ransomware for communicating with their servers.

A Final Note

To conclude we can say that unified threat management is an important task carried out by IT security firms and helps in keeping your online activities safe and secure.