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Getting the right recipes is the key to a sustainable weight loss. There are various recipes that are healthy and facilitate fat-burning in a fast and easy way.

Summer Farrotto

The Italian grain contains nutty flavor full of other nutrients such as Vitamin B and fiber that will go a long way in helping fat burning

Broccoli and Feta Omelet combined with Toast

An easy breakfast recipe that has eggs curbs filled with proteins to keep of morning cravings. It takes just 15 minutes and will leave you energized throughout the day.

Buttermilk Oatcakes together with Raspberry Compote

The oatcakes are rich in fiber and contain no butter hence helps in fat-burning.

Banana Bites dipped in Chocolate

The semisweet chocolate and banana make up a healthy dessert that is rich in resistant starch to help burn more calories.

Middle Eastern Rice Salad

The salad only takes 20 minutes to prepare and contains enough proteins. The fiber and proteins contained are essential in fat burning as explained in the 3 week diet system free guide by Brian Flatt.

White Bean plus Herb Hummus and Crudités

The Herb Hummus is a perfect replacement of bland hummus found in supermarkets and it takes just five minutes to whip it up. The recipe requires only lemon, chive, white beans and olive oil. Assorted raw vegetables can be added to make it more wholesome.

Basic healthy cooking should have a fat, protein and carbohydrate. Stay away from healthy cookbooks that are just the opposite of healthy. Many of healthy cook books use prepared oils that cause chemical imbalance. Some use methods that destroy nutrition and promote heart disease and cancer.

No diet or fat loss recommendations. A lot have been written by excellent cooks with great cooking skills but know very little about nutrition and health guidelines. Not written in plain language or are too complicated to use. Large amount use fully processed foods and unhealthy snacks, wrong ingredients, and are usually very trendy which means it will not be with us a long time, here today and gone tomorrow.

Go organic, and use items that are seasonal and not here the whole 12 months around. Since the saying moves, "if it was not here 10,000 years ago, then do not eat it!" If you have a busy schedule, then you can also use healthy sauces for vegetables.

In terms of utilizing a cooking oil, be very selective and the best ones are the following: Organic coconut oil or olive oil are the best to use in preparing your recipe. Always prepare with real quality food. Organic is always the best.

If you have farms near you then purchase real fresh vegetables and fruits in season from there. If you have eggs available locally then buy your eggs there. Since then you will know they are fresh.