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There are multiple reasons behind people searching option to run Kodi on Roku. It is the extremely good video streaming capabilities of both Kodi and Roku that makes the people think about a combination of them. Before searching an option to get Kodi on Roku, users should be aware of the fact that Kodi is a C/C++ based application which is not supported by the Roku streaming sticks. Then how can you make the Kodi run on Roku? It is the Screen Mirroring option than can help the users to try a combination of the Kodi and Roku. Users also required the help of a mediator like an Android smartphone with the Screen Mirroring feature to make the combination possible.

Enabling the Screen Mirroring feature in the smartphones and Roku devices allows them to get connected to each other provided that both the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi Network. This will allow the users to cast anything from their smartphones to the Roku. Users can easily install the kodi on ps4 from the Google Play Store on their smartphones. Now running the Kodi on their Android devices will cast the same screen on their televisions as well through the Roku devices. People can now start any of their favorite movies or TV shows in their smartphone through the Kodi App. It will then automatically cast to their large TV screens and can be enjoyed at its best. Once the requirement is over, they can disable the Screen Mirroring and use their devices as usual.