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Due to its high audio quality MP3 or MPEG-1 Audio Level 3 has become the preferred format to record audio material. Digital transcription firms also prefer this format to transcribe recorded material. MP3 is a format to digitally encode and store audio files. These files can be compressed and used for playback on any digital audio player. The superior quality of MP3 format compared to analog recordings makes it the format of choice while recording and transmitting audio for audio to text conversion.

Transcription companies that offer conversion from MP3 to text take less turnaround time since the audio file is already available in the required format. The reason why MP3 is the preferred format to convert audio to text is because MP3 files highly compressed files and it also filters out background sounds that could be disturbing while transcribing and in so doing the file size is also reduced. Some transcribers prefer converting WAV to MP3 file and then converting the MP3 file to text format.

MP3 to text transcription can be delivered in any text format like MS word and plain text even PDF. Converting MP3 files to text becomes easy due to the high audio quality. It is also more convenient and faster to send these files via the Internet rather than having to courier dictation tapes. There is plenty of free software available online to help convert MP3 to text files but it is better to engage the services of a transcription firm to get better quality transcripts and text which is verbatim of the recorded matter. Online discussion boards also provide solutions on how to convert MP3 to Text. There are also ready speech recognition software and speech to text tools that help to convert MP3 to text format.

A wide array of industries and business segments including healthcare, medicine, legal, construction, educational institutions, students, entertainment, media, information technology and the academia use MP3 dictation transcription services. MP3 to text conversion is done for recordings of business meetings, group discussions, interviews, focus groups and public speeches among others. Interestingly, MP4 is slowly starting to gain precedence in the digital space as it supports digital videos, text and images along with the standard digital audio files. MP4 provides extremely high levels of portability and accessibility. Using MP3 or MP4 has distinct advantages over an analog recorder for transcribing this recorded material into text. There is more memory in a digital dictation device and because MP3 files are compressed there is more space to store.