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How do you handle a dominant employee in your organization? People with dominant behaviors generally are very straightforward and it becomes very tough for the subordinates to cope up with their taskmaster. If you need to study and assess behaviors of such employees in your organization then try taking up the DISC accreditation course either online or by classroom studying.


What is DISC accreditation course all about?

DISC Accreditation course is a personality assessment study which helps you to know the behavioral traits of people and their method of interaction with others. Thus in a DISC analysis, people are categorized into four segments which are Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S) and Conscientiousness (C).

What are the behavioral traits of a person who is Dominant (D)?

  • Is straightforward, blunt and up to the point when he needs to communicate a point to others.
  • Is very demanding, self-confident and forceful when he needs the work to be done.
  • Is very motivated and always wants to compete and win.
  • Fears that others may take advantage of him in the profession.

How do you tackle a person who has a dominant trait?

When you need to handle such employees with dominance streak, you need to be patient and be brief while communicating to them. Speak directly what is required and also tell them what solution you expect for the problem.

Want to know more about other behavioral traits? Join online DISC accreditation training and just see how good you become in solving problems.