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The Philippines is simply amazing and a lot of people know much about this beautiful country. If you’re looking for hospitable people, amazing white sand beaches, mouth-watering foods, and majestic landscapes then the Philippines is a definitely great place to go. You can try experiencing the whale shark watching in Oslob in Cebu Island.

If you have doubts or questions like “Is it dangerous to snorkeling with the whale sharks?” The answer is “No,” because whale sharks are not dangerous and only eat plankton and human beings aren’t part of their diet, so there’s nothing to be afraid of.

There are several places you can dive with the whale sharks such as Donsol and Oslob. Donsol is a great place but it’s not guaranteed that you see whale sharks. On the other hand, Oslob is guaranteed for hundred percent that you can see whale sharks. Oslob is located in the southernmost part of Cebu, and you can get there by riding a bus from South Bus Terminal or ride either taxi or with a private van. Just keep I mind the whale shark are is before the boundary of Oslob in a small barangay called Tan-awan. It will take about four to five hours to travel from Cebu City to Oslob.

Where to stay in Oslob

Tan-awan is located on the main road which is filled with accommodations you can choose. You can use Agoda to book hotels within the area or Airbnb.

Oslob Whale Shark Watching

The whale shark interaction starts from 6 am and ends at 12 pm. The tour starts with a short briefing that will orient you on what to do and what not to do if you want to swim with the whale sharks. You should stay at least 4 meters from giant creatures.

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Cebuanos are a great fan of food because you’ll see that every block in Cebu comes with a new dish to try. Most of the foods are affordable and very mouth-watering that can satisfy your craving. Here are the foods you can try for a budget in Cebu:

Siomai sa Tisa

You will not taste the best Siomai in the country if you haven’t been to Tisa. A lot of restaurants or places where you can find Siomai but nothing beats the taste of Siomai at Tisa in Labangon, Cebu. Every bite will leave your mouth and crave for more because of its juicy and meaty inside. Siomai regularly costs for only 7 Pesos per piece.

Larsian Barbeque

If you’re craving for barbeque, this is the perfect place for you. Just take your wallet out and head on Larsian – a favorite BBQ place. The place is open for 24 hours and it has 30 stalls offering grilled meat and seafood. Larsian Barbeque is located at the Capitol Site in Cebu City.

Tuslob Buwa

Tuslob Buwa is the newest addition to the exotic food you can find in Cebu. It has become people’s choice for those who don’t have the budget to have a fancy meal. In the vernacular, Tuslob Buwa means “dip” and “forth” which describes the way how you should eat it. Each order costs 100 Pesos which is inclusive of pork brain, garlic, liver, soy sauce, and other spices which are the ingredients along with 10-12 hanging rice.

Joed’s Lutong Hapon

If you love Japanese food then you’ll surely love this place. Located in the President Quirino Street, you can now have a Sushi and the restaurant offers a variety of dishes. The cheapest meal they have is Pork Gyudon which costs 95 Pesos only.

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Cebu is one of the most amazing holiday destination you can find in the Philippines for those people who look for a tropical vacation. It offers a bit of everything that will make people happy. Cebuanos are welcoming hosts and courteous. Cebu is a small tropical island surrounded by a number of smaller islands that makes the place a perfect one to visit. Most of the time, you can enjoy the island with its beautiful beaches.

Weather in Cebu

The weather in Cebu is more humid than Manila and during the rainy season, you can experience this humidity more. December to January is the coolest time of the year and March to April is the hottest time of the year.


The Cebuanos are very friendly and always easy to talk with since they’re more knowledgeable in English. Cebu is one of the few places that you can talk with strangers without having a paranoia. You can really feel the genuine welcome about the people which is sometimes hard to find these days.

Is Cebu safe?

The island is generally safe but you should take right precautions to really keep yourself out from trouble just like anywhere in the world. You should keep your valuables hidden because sometimes people cause people to make trouble. If you’re not familiar with Cebu, you shouldn’t walk the streets at night, which includes that downtown part of Cebu. Best to be on the cautious side.

What to do in Cebu

You can do a lot of things in Cebu. You can head to Bantayan Island for a laid-back tropical paradise, Malapascua for a great dive, and Camotes for another tropical paradise. Moalboal is also a good spot for diving with its sardine’s island. You can also do a dive alongside with the Whale Sharks in Oslob.

Where to Book

You can book to different kinds of travel agencies that offer different prices but the most convenient and cheaper way to do it is to try Cebu van rental service which gives you a perfect time and freedom to enjoy the whole island of Cebu.

Cebu has more than a lot to showcase as to its tourism is concerned. Its landforms stand tall and marvelous while Cebu’s marine ecosystem is perfect for free divers and recreational scuba hobbyist. Osmeña peak to Kawasan falls is another tourist attraction created by the locals for their non-local and foreign guests’ satisfaction. Over time, they continue to create more activities and renovate non-destructively the tourist spots that they safe-guarded. Other than that, it is their priority as well to ensure their guests’ safety and interest in the place that is listed in their itinerary.

The trail will require physique and stamina of an individual to finish more than hour trek from the peak to Kawasan falls. Guests who are in to extreme sports or perhaps an outdoors enthusiast will definitely enjoy the activity since it will bring them closer to nature and the peak’s surroundings. Osmena peak is 1,000 meters high above sea-level which gives them a perfect view of Cebu’s south-side. Other extreme activities such as cliff jumping, sliding, diving and the giant-tree-swing-jump are perfectly doable in Kawasan falls that is with the consent and supervision of the local tourist guide working hand in hand with them. The place is picture-perfect too, with its cold blue water and resounding tune of the water falling down.

There are a lot of adventure seeking tourists compared to typical tourists that are more in to historical tours and such. Travelers and or foreign visitors of a place for a vacation completely evolves and same goes with the place of visit – answering all the needs and expectations of a foreign or non-local tourist. Although there have been much change in the system and place, incorporation of activities relevant to the area are well thought of by the locals so as not to compromise the natural beauty of the place, still maintaining how it was before.

kawasan falls to osmeña peak tour and or activity is one well- known attraction wherein booking after booking are pretty much evident on a daily basis. Tourists staying and wanted to experience the tour will definitely experience a long trek from point A to point B getting a closer feel of Mother Nature at its best in the rural of Cebu. For a more convenient way, traveling by 2 wheels or locals call it habal-habal is another option. Depending on their liking or mood on what they wanted to happen during their tour, they all have the options or alternatives available to enjoy their getaway. Local tour guides on the same page are readily available to keep them on track while enjoying their stay in the place.