Would you buy a Chevrolet Montana?

Would you buy a Chevrolet Montana

She Ford Ecosport, Ford Fiesta is based on a compact SUV that would be interested, if a few weeks ago, he asked. Almost all scientific disciplines Ecosport a golf course challenged manages to fit the footprint. Some of you Ecosport and frugal engines intrigued by the looks – and do not forget Ecosport storm ahead in developing markets.

This week we have to offer something a little different of http://www.pdxcargo.com/, but the same spirit – and a segment we have not seen since the 1980s in the United States: Really small microphones. Chevrolet Montana.

This truck is not connected to the United States, and also in the Brazilian market, the Chevrolet Montana US any truck photos apparently very large, which is not in the category of the same size as one thing that closed door indicator warns the report. In fact, based on the size of Montana golf Chevrolet Agile hatchback. Chevrolet Colorado: This little trucklet will definitely be in the shadow of the US Foreign another truck Chevy name correctly. So actually found two geographic proximity to each other, if any. Colorado in the Brazilian market (but in a van called S10) is not available, we are not able to show a certain size without Photoshop after comparison.

A compact SUV for the moment ignoring the strange fact that the United States offered Chevrolet S10 called in Brazil, but little trucklet Montana actually quite talented. For example, although traction from the tires before ute only modest length of 177.7 inches, move things up in bed £ 1.671. And a hardware or nursery have to move even half of that weight, he let us also accept? To put things in perspective, the load would only overlap with some versions of the Ford F-150 and Dodge Ram. Not bad for a budget based on a trapdoor trucklet. And now you know why it seems to sit high up on this ute floor – it will have to travel suspension to carry the weight.

Energy manual five-speed gearbox mated to a flexible fuel engine 97 hp 1.4-liter four-cylinder comes courtesy (and “power” may be too strong a word to use here). If there is no output up 101 hp ethanol. Torque figures are in the same neighborhood just 95 pounds-feet. Montana note that you have to wear heavy body hatchback UTE is actually not bad for about 12 seconds, it makes one-half run to 60 mph. EPA issued even if – and he manages to return 30 mpg combined health.

Montana built in Brazil, and (it is known as the Chevrolet Tornado) are sold in many countries in South America and Mexico. And just because a truck budget Optionally these Bluetooth and USB port, does not mean missing features. A sport version is also available, and CD / MP3, electric windows, cruise control, fog lights, comes with gifts like 16 inch alloy wheels and reasonable.

How much? The base LS trim now, the sports version of the equivalent of $ 19.550 starts about $ 15.143, which starts Montana 32 990 Brazilian real. Montana VW and income from vehicle classes other car sometimes when not macho like some of the domestic truck with implied And on this same load capacity to begin offering the US, but less fuel consumption, looks like a fun package for not much money.

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Benefits of Green Tea For Face Beauty

Benefits of Green Tea For Face Beauty

The benefits of green tea for beauty face – Green tea usually know nutrients and health benefits such as stress can expel expel cancer, can be a natural remedy to prevent the formation of blood clots that the heart is healthy. Similarly, the benefits of green tea for acne on the face. However, green tea is also very useful in the face of the beauty of the face.

In this article we will see how green tea ingenuity in the face is naturally beautiful. This is why many of green tea extract used as raw material for the manufacture of products for the skin, tell it like lotion, cream, shampoo, mouthwash, deodorant, and a lot of beauty products with ingredients green tea natural. Green tea is more useful because it contains many anto-oxidants, and many active substances which, unlike black tea that contain the active ingredient in it because it is the manufacture of black tea has disappeared for fermentation. Let’s see what are the benefits of green tea for our facial beauty

The benefits of green tea for beauty face

1. Cure puffy eyes and eliminate dark circles.
Green tea is great to be a natural material that is able to cure puffy eyes or dark areas, eliminating dilingkaran sembam eyes. This is because green tea contains two types of beneficial substances that tannins and caffeine. caffeine content in the ability of green tea to tighten the skin, while the tannins benefits diarea eye to give the effect of freshness and comfort for the eyes, and reduce inflammation and heal inflammation. To eliminate eye bags and dark circles diarea the beauty of her face flush.

2. Green tea can be used as a facial scrub
Green tea can beautify the face if it is like a face to face, srcub can diarea dead skin lifting, and lift the dirt clogged in the pores of the face. Thus, the face becomes clean and beautiful can be used with products like face optimal dirt in the pores face lifts. Why should I use green tea natural exfoliant? because this natural and safe for you, unlike bush listed sanbgat difficult very bad for the health of the skin, can cause the skin to dry and flaky skin.

How green tea stain
Green tea in a small bowl Seduhkan
Then mix 1 teaspoon of cornstarch (corn make good quality), and add the cream and gently rub.
Then, use the exfoliating kewajah, let stand for 10 to 20 minutes until dry, then dry.
Feel what happens. :)
For those of you who rub the sensitive skin is not suitable for you. :(

3. Green tea for skin tightening
Sagging facial skin can also be made with more force using green tea. This time will be our green tea mixed with egg white, is about as useful as ever write whitening your face with egg whites.

Mix 2/3 teaspoon of powdered green tea, coffee with 1 teaspoon of egg and 1 or 2 teaspoons of water.
Slowly stir until the dough
make kewajah
Let stand for 10-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water
To do this, twice a week, the loans of the skin God face tight again.

That green tea sekulumit benefits for facial beauty. And there are many other benefits of green tea for beauty, and God willing, we will discuss later in this simple blog.

How to Overcome Sleepy When Learning and Work

leepy When Learning and Work (640x400)

When Sleepy learning to overcome and work – Full and dense activities are often tired and we have worked hard in the end, so much free time that was consumed, therefore, the next day would be easily nagntuk while studying or working. So how outwit and overcome excessive sleepiness when you need more time to work.

Overcoming Sleepy When Learning
Before discussing how to let you sleep while studying or working in advance what you need to know why there are so sleep and drowsiness.

The cause of nganutk may vary, quoted by inkesehatan, here are three causes drowsiness.

1. Rarely Sports
Lack of exercise can make the body weak, so easily get dream. Then eject untuka sleepiness at work and learning, exercising regularly every day. Exercise can be relaxed or weight, but doing the best. This means that the exercise routine and regular exercise routine is not healthy or not, because it will cause drowsiness tired to exercise.

2. Symptoms of anemia
Drowsiness can also be caused by the symptoms of anemia. Anemia is a condition that indicates a lack of red blood cells. The lack of red blood cells interfere with the distribution of oxygen throughout the body to produce energy which is great. But to know the symptoms of anemia we need to check your blood. If our blood healthy, drowsiness may be due to lack of sleep or too tired to drain a lot of energy.

3. Symptoms Prediabetes
Other causes of sleepiness are the symptoms of pre-diabetes, presented by Dr. Dante Saksono Herbuwono, Division of Endocrine Metabolic Endocrinology SPPD RSCM. Pre-diabetes is a condition where too much insulin after meals, which lowers blood sugar dramatically. Try to observe the symptoms of pre-diabetes easier thirst, frequent urination. If you notice any of these symptoms, contact your doctor immediately, otherwise prediabetes also controls may become diabetic.
Meaning withdrawal Sleepy When learning and work
Well, once we know the cause drowsiness, now considered the only way to overcome sleepiness during work or study.

1. The shift from place to learn
Move here means that the road-networks briefly when you feel drowsy you attack. Room laptop didean or air conditioners in the room that will sleep learning quickly. Thus, the shape of a foot for a while and look around the outside environment, refresh your head for a while, then well, you can return to the place of study.

2. Moderate exercise
Do not assume that the trivial exercise. Sport is very important for your health, even if the office is still possible to gymnastics. For example, the foot outlet buy or rice. Drowsiness sticks while working to overcome in this way, or you can climb stairs. Repeat until you have lost sweat and drowsiness.

3. Snacking at work
If often sleeping on the job or trying to learn this way, prepare snacks and ngemillah slowly. But should pay attention to the tone of your snack, choose a healthy snack, ie snacks like dried fruit, sweet snacks do not because it is not good for health. Or you negemil with fruits such as apples, fruit acids may also open eyes, while her dream career.

4. adrenaline track
If too nagntuk after trying different things, try this was the old board you raise adrenaline. Try to watch movies or movie trailers thesis for a moment, like action movies, horror or another thriller.

5. The use of perfumes Wani
But take note of your perfume, do not wear the scent of lavender, and will make you more drowsy. Use another dipergelangan sweet onion or nose.

Here are some ways to overcome sleepiness to study and work. If you are attached drowsiness, do not hesitate to squeeze in some time to do the little things, like the previous one. excellent greetings.


Tips to Prevent Aging, Causes of Aging

Tips to Prevent Aging, Causes of Aging

Simple Tips to Prevent Aging – Aging is a condition in which the opacity of a person’s skin and dry skin revealed as an old man, and it sometimes happens that a person is young. The skin becomes old with the size of the imbalance between age and the shape of the skin.

Do this before the approaches of aging, there are things we must do to keep our bright, fresh and young. Simple tips to prevent premature aging should apply in life, in order to maintain a good appearance and age appropriate. Dry, dull skin is a form of premature aging, the fat that is the active ingredient composed of fat, keratin and cellular material produced in the fight against premature aging of skin functions. When sebum is reduced, dull, dry skin.

Before you see what advice they have to do to prevent premature aging are icaraku first to share blog tentangpenyebab and factors of premature aging. Currently premature aging is caused by two factors: internal and external. Internal factors are the factors resulting from kejiwaaan someone who can not change, such as heredity, stress, psychiatric disorders. External factors are things that come from the outside and is very likely to be addressed and avoided by anyone to premature aging can be prevented.

Prevent aging | causes of aging

Here are some external factors that cause premature aging

1. Free radicals
Free radicals are a set of contaminated gas and are merususak against the skin cells to a dull and dry skin. This gas is produced due to air pollution, water mixed with chemicals, the climate change and other disrupting skin kalogen. To deal with this thing of free radicals to do is to eat healthy foods and healthy eating. Eating foods that contain vitamins such as fruits and vegetables are good for the health of the cells of premature aging of the skin and cell damage caused by free radicals can be overcome.

2. Sunlight
Sunlight is not beneficial for the skin and some are harmful, beneficial to the morning sun till the sun moved to 10 hours, while from 10 to 15 hours is the period of time which the sun can be harmful to the skin. So always wear sunscreen when you are out of the room between the time.

3. Maintain skin moisture
Dressing unpredictable weather with humidity often unstable due to damage to the skin, to overcome what can be used as a skin moisturizer or body cream that suits your skin. Avoid skin slap direct sunlight to prevent premature aging.

Here are some of the causes of premature aging, see the following tips to prevent premature aging.

Tips to Prevent Aging

1. Skin care regularly
Memperhatikaatn healthy skin is always essential to keep your skin young. Do not rub or scrub to remove dead skin cells in your body. Make messages and massages also other ways to prevent premature aging. This massage is for the traffic, the use of masks and scrubs also be a solution.

2. Many consume fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables are a source of antioxidants that are good for the skin, antioxidant content in fruits can keep the skin against premature aging. Avoid junk food and processed foods

3. Nut consumption
Other tips to prevent premature aging is to eat food nut products such as tofu, tempeh, tofu and soy.

4. Drink water
Get into the habit of drinking water each day with a sufficient level, or 2 liters per day, or about 8 cups. Skin that lack of water easily crumpled and tedious, because the skin cells are not getting enough fluids. Avoid drinking soft drinks.

5. Antioxidant supplements
Consumption of antioxidant supplements is another way to prevent premature aging. Consumption of supplements such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B complex, zinc and silenium.

6. Exercise regularly.
This is what must be done by all of you who want to stay healthy and beautiful life. Do not exercise daily with a range of 30 minutes. The exercise you can do is as brisk walking, aerobics, gym, or any other sport you can do. Sport here is a sport that makes the muscles contract and move quickly.

Sport are a smooth blood circulation, so that the nutrients and oxygen can be fed appropriately by the body cells. Here are some tips to prevent premature aging and cause premature aging. Hopefully this article useful to us.